Say Holubí dům

Say Holubí dům

Date of Birth: 5. 3. 2015
Registration number: RTW 14572/15
Health Certificates: HD frei, ED frei; JLPP N/M
Training Certificates: BH, IPO3, Champion of Czech Republic – RTW 2018 (IPO3 92 – 92 – 94), participant of World Chamipionship Netherlands 2018, CACIT Všestary 2020 – Title res. CACT v IGP3 (best obedience)

>>> Winner of World Championship IFR 2021 IGP3 (IPO3) – 96-92-97 = 285b<<<

Shows: V4

Father: Massimo von Shambala

Father: Pit vom Hirtenplatz

Mother: Ginie von Shambala

Father: Ambassador von Shambala

Mother: Maxi vom Hirtenplatz

Father: Bronco vom Rotbachtal

Mother: Ayka von Shambala

Father: Itus Holubí dům

Father: Burning des Princes d´Aragone

Mother: Fiona z Koralky